Elder Scrolls Online gets a free weekend on Xbox One, and $1m prize draw

Bethesda and Zenimax Online are giving away $1 million (in the form of $50,000 per year over the course of 20 years) to one lucky Elder Scrolls Online (opens in new tab) player as part of their #MillionReasonsToPlay campaign, and all you need do is register here (opens in new tab) with a valid ESO account and play the game between now and January 10. If you're an Xbox One player and find yourself curious about this MMO spin on the RPG franchise, there are even a couple deals to help incentivize your journey to Tamriel.

Xbox One owners can play ESO for free this weekend, December 10 - 14. The game will be available for download starting Thursday at 3am, and will remain free to play until Monday at the same time. If you decide to purchase the game during the free trial - whether because you could use a spare million bucks or because you genuinely enjoyed your time with it - you'll save 60% off the price, and your progress will carry over.

Note that you don't have to purchase the game to be eligible to win the $1 million prize. As long as you have an ESO account, meet eligibility requirements, and register using that link up above, you'll be entered. That's ... pretty nice, actually. I haven't seen generosity like this since the Dragonborn donated all of his steel to the belly of Alduin. Whether you win the million or not, have fun out there!

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