Elden Ring's character creation screen has reportedly leaked online

A sneak peek at the character customization system
(Image credit: From Software / YouTuber ER-SA)

The character creation screen for Elden Ring has seemingly leaked online.

Reportedly filmed during a closed network test, the character customization system is pretty much entirely blanked out, which means there's no way of knowing what, exactly, can be modified.

That said, YouTuber ER-SA took over six minutes to kindly go through every blanked-out option – from toggles and buttons to full-on sliders – to give us an idea of what the system just might offer (thanks, VGC).

It's very possible that forces are conspiring to have this video taken down as I write this, but for now, you can check it out for yourself in the video below:

"Finally you can easily create a good-looking character now :P," ER-SA writes in the video description box. "A big upgrade from previous games character creation."

Along with pre-sets or perhaps randomized figures – there looks to be fully realized characters up for grabs, complete with outfits – the creation system looks to be surprisingly in-depth for a From Software title, offering a myriad of different hairstyles and facial features that can be tweaked and meddled with to your heart's desire, as well as numerous body types and the ability to select any color – and I do mean any – for your character's hair and skin. 

Game of Thrones creator and the mind behind the story of Elden Ring, recently took to his personal blog to call the action RPG "incredible".

ICYMI, a consumer survey – reportedly from Elden Ring developer From Software – has revealed a new Armored Core installment is in development.

While the game has not yet been formally announced, ResetEra-er Red Liquorice jumped onto the forum over the weekend to share details of a consumer survey that they allegedly received from the studio. While it didn't reveal the game's name – right now, it seems several titles (mostly "Armored Core: [Something]" are in consideration – it did detail a description about the game, as well as reveal eight screenshots and two 30-second "videos of gameplay", too. 

"I've just finished doing a consumer survey about a new Armoured Core game with description, screenshots, and two 30 second-ish videos of gameplay - the first a boss fight and the second more in-world gameplay, a snow area," they wrote. Because each screenshot boasts "unique ID watermarks", they wisely opted not to share the screenshots publicly.

Elden Ring's final launch might be less than two months away on February 25, 2022, but there's still plenty more to learn about the new game.

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