Elden Ring story trailer somehow makes the world seem even more doomed

Elden Ring served up a new, predictably fatalistic story trailer at The Game Awards, giving us a closer look at the demigods who rule over the Lands Between.

This trailer was jointly introduced by Geoff Keighley and an actual Pot Boy, who The Game Awards somehow managed to book, so it was clear it would be good. It's classic Elden Ring all the way down: a mysterious and soft spoken maiden with a bunch of hands, straight-up body horror, giants lumbering amidst torch-wielding mobs, and utter chaos in the fallout of the shattered, titular Elden Ring. 

"What could the demigods ever hope to win by warring?" the woman asks as the trailer cuts to a shot of two demigods, warring hopelessly. We don't actually see the narrator's spectral form until right at the end, and between the hat, the eyeliner, and the ghostly double, we already like her. 

As we said in our Elden Ring hands-on preview, FromSoftware's latest is shaping up to be the best game world it's ever crafted, and the many characters and bosses in the Lands Between are a big part of that. The list of intriguing allies (and/or enemies) grows with every trailer, though Pot Boy is still number-one on that list. 

Elden Ring will come to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on February 25, 2022. 

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Austin Wood

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