Elden Ring speedrunner completes no-hit randomizer run after more than 1,000 attempts and nearly a year of trying

Elden Ring
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After more than 1,000 attempts, an Elden Ring streamer has beaten the game without taking a single hit, all while using a randomizer mod to change every item and enemy.

The achievement belongs to streamer LilAggy, who's been trying their darndest to beat Elden Ring with every enemy changed thanks to a randomizer mod, and has been going at it for around 11 months now. The randomized nature of the challenge means they could be left facing dozens of Malenias through the course of a run, or, as the clip below shows, taking on an Erdtree Avatar in place of the Elden Beast as the game's final boss.

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What's more, they had to get through the entire game without taking a single hit. Understandably, the streamer plays with a magic-oriented build, because what better way to avoid taking hits than to stand back and pepper your targets from range? That's what ultimately got them through Elden Ring without taking a hit after more than 1,000 attempts.

Of course, it wasn't always like this. The beginning of their playthrough has them striking down enemies with a shield bash, of all things, because you can't just start Elden Ring firing off a million ranged spells at your enemies. Defeating the opening boss tutorial area boss, which is replaced with an Erdtree Avatar, with nothing but a shield is just incredible. 

The randomizer mod throws out some utterly wild scenarios, and credit to LilAggy for rolling with the punches. Instead of fighting Margit, the Fell Omen for example, they're forced to face off against the irritating Godskin Duo, but thankfully, by this point in the playthrough they'd managed to acquire a staff and ranged spells to deal with the pair.

With situations like this popping up basically every boss fight, no wonder it took LilAggy over 1,000 attempts to pull this feat off. Keep in mind that this isn't just a tough run - given that it only took them 4.5 hours to complete the final boss, this is far faster than most players will ever manage. It's not quite the speedrun territory that LilAggy is used to, but it's certainly very, very fast.

Who knows what the SoulsBorne community is going to pull off when the Elden Ring DLC eventually rolls around. 

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