Elden Ring rises onto PLAY Magazine's cover

PLAY 4: Elden Ring
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We're past the likes of E3 and Future Games Show, meaning we now have a better idea of what lies ahead for gaming than ever. Earning #2 in last issue's Hot 50 was Elden Ring. Quite rightly, it leads this new issue, as we investigate to find out just why it's topping all those most wanted lists. Plus, we go hands-on with Tales Of Arise, talk to the Riders Republic devs about how it feels like a PS5 "tech demo", and loads more. Read on to find out more...

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Elden Ring

PLAY 4: Elden Ring feature

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Elden Ring has been on everyone’s lips even before the teaser trailer, when it was rumoured under the working title “Great Rune”. Now, the bottle has been well and truly uncorked, and we’ve dived into the tonic in our 10-page feature. We explore everything we know about the game and its open world, The Lands Between - as created by George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki. At once familiar to fans of FromSoftware, and something new entirely, there’s good reason for the buzz.

Rainbow Six Extraction

PLAY 4: Rainbow Six Extraction

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Despite a delay into 2022, Rainbow Six Extraction still has our attention. Taking the operators that we love in Siege, and transplanting them into a purely co-op online game is a move that works better than you’d think. Tasking your team to decide how far to push your luck, it’s like the Crystal Maze of Jungle Run with aliens. We also go hands-on with Tales Of Arise, and talk with the Riders Republic devs about pushing the limits with their PS5 version, which they describe as being like a “tech demo”.

The Indie Mixtape

PLAY 4: Indies

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When an annual indie feature isn’t enough. Indies were arguably the stars of this year’s slate of summer gaming events, and we’ve collected together 14 of the best heading to PlayStation. Among this eclectic list, you’re sure to find a favourite, whether it’s leading megahit Hades, or something more off-kilter like the cute Button City, or the Hitchcock-esque spying thriller Conway.

Scarlet Nexus

PLAY 4: Scarlet Nexus

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Bandai Namco leads the reviews section in this issue, with new franchise-in-the-making Scarlet Nexus. It might be from the team that made Code Vein, but this is no Soulslike, instead mixing character action fast-paced combat with action RPG mechanics. Between this and our review of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, there are some unexpected forays into new combat epics on PS5.

Sniper Elite VR

PLAY 4: Sniper Elite VR

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Our reviews continue with Sniper Elite VR, continuing our dedication to cover PSVR as PSVR2 continues to loom on the horizon. This might be one of the most impressive we’ve seen to date, perfectly capturing the sniper experience. Why? Read to find out! We also lay down the verdict on F1 2021, the PS5 updates for Doom Eternal and Metro Exodus, and loads more.

The Making Of Die Hard Trilogy

PLAY 4: Die Hard Trilogy

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It wouldn’t be an issue of PLAY without us dusting off the classics. PS1’s Die Hard Trilogy takes the spotlight, as we explore just how this three-in-one package came about, digging into the gameplay and speaking with the developers that made it happen. Also covered: Beyond Good & Evil, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Zone Of The Enders, and one of the best fighting games ever made: Sonic The Fighters (okay, it’s not really, but we /did/ play it).

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Oscar Taylor-Kent

PLAY editor Oscar Taylor-Kent first joined Official PlayStation Magazine in 2018, and was involved with the long-standing mag’s rebrand into PLAY before becoming editor. Despite being a PlayStation expert (and noted PS Vita apologist), he’s got fingers on many buttons, having also written for GamesRadar, SFX, PC Gamer, Kotaku, Waypoint, Official Xbox Magazine, GamesMaster, PCGamesN, and Xbox to name but a few.

When not knee deep in character action games, JRPGs, and visual novels, he’s often found reading books, manga, or binging anime. His current favourite games include Devil May Cry, Persona, Ace Attorney, and Hakuoki.