Elden Ring fan estimates we've seen just 13% of the map so far

Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

An Elden Ring player estimates we've seen roughly 13% of the total in-game map.

That estimate comes from a post on the Elden Ring subreddit, which you can see for yourself just below. In the post, an eager fan of FromSoftware's new venture has managed to work out the rough size of the closed network test's map, and then contrasted it against the total map area we've seen in Elden Ring to date. 

In theory, according to this user, we've seen just about 13% of Elden Ring's map so far. Additionally, that's only compared to the map area that we actually know of, so it stands to reason that the estimate actually plummets when we take into account the map areas of Elden Ring that we haven't been privy to yet.

In short, Elden Ring's map is looking absolutely gargantuan. It makes sense, given that the closed network test late last year in 2021 featured vast plains that players could roam over with a flashy horse, bounding and leaping up cliff faces and over beaches with ease.

This only bodes well for the rest of Elden Ring, though. So far, what we've seen of The Lands Between has been pretty limited to fields and forests, both in preview footage and the closed network test, so it's a positive sign that we've got plenty of hidden areas left to explore when FromSoftware's new game launches next month on February 18.

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