Elden Ring devs didn't take Miyazaki's favourite boss seriously at first

General Radahn in Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware)

Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki's favourite boss is Starscourge Radahn, though some developers didn't take Miyazaki's idea for a special festival in the demigod's honour seriously when they first heard about it.

The FromSoftware director and president revealed his personal choice in a new interview with Xbox Wire Japan earlier this week. "I'm very confused at the moment," Miyazaki says (as translated by GamesRadar+) when asked who his favourite boss was in Elden Ring before swiftly adding: "It's Radahn, right?"

"As a single character, he's appealing," Miyazaki continues, "but I also like the Radahn Festival." As Elden Ring fans might remember, Starscourge Radahn is fought at the conclusion of the festival, where characters come together from across The Lands Between to try their hand at felling the crazed warrior.

"It's literally a festive time," Miyazaki continues, also pointing to the "autumnal colours" accompanying the festival. "The first time I talked about the idea of the Radahn Festival, no one on the team took it seriously," Miyazaki says, adding that he misses that.

"If you're asking about a runner-up, it's Godrick and Rykard," the FromSoftware veteran concludes. Considering Starscourge Radahn has one of the biggest, if not the most memorable encounter in Elden Ring, is it really any surprise that they're the director's personal favourite boss fight?

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