All Elden Ring Colosseum locations and gameplay modes

Elden Ring colosseum locations
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The Elden Ring Colosseum locations are found in the North coast of Limgrave, the North Peninsula of Caelid, and the Southern cliffs of Leyndell respectively. Though initially inaccessible, the Colosseums have been revealed as where the new Elden Ring PVP mode is set, with players able to access the Colosseums and begin duels and battles both against and with other players online. We'll show you where to find all the Colosseums in Elden Ring below, the PVP multiplayer modes offered by them, as well as how to reach the more inaccessible ones before the Elden Ring Colosseum release time soon.

All Colosseums in Elden Ring and their PVP modes

Elden Ring colosseum locations

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

At time of writing there are three Colosseums in Elden Ring, located in North Limgrave, North Caelid and the Southern side of Leyndell, Royal Capital. Depending on where you are in the game, you may not be able to reach all of these Colosseums, but we'll go through how to do so below. We've also covered what you can find in each one, as each Colosseum offers a different multiplayer experience.

  • Limgrave Colosseum: Found on Limgrave's North coastline, head to the Warmaster's Shack Site of Grace and take the part North, under the bridge leading to the first of the Elden Ring Divine Tower locations. The Colosseum will be ahead of you. Here you can play either United Combat, timed battles of two teams with respawn active where the players with the most kills at the end of the battle wins. Or there's Combat Ordeal: Timed free-for-all battles with respawn active.

  • Leyndell Royal Colosseum: To reach Leyndell you'll probably need to know how to beat the Draconic Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring, and once you've accessed the Capital City, how you reach the Colosseum depends on how far you are in the game's story, as a late-game event changes the landscape significantly. If you're early on, head down to street level and back up towards the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, using the tree roots and stairs to head up towards the cliff. However, if you've worked out how to beat Maliketh in Elden Ring and defeated him at Crumbling Farum Azula, it's much simpler - use the changed terrain to walk up the slope and follow the landscape around to the Colosseum proper. Here the only option is Duel Mode: 1v1 combat between two players and no respawn - decided purely by whoever dies first.

  • Caelid Colosseum: Take the Deep Siofra Well up to the surface and follow the canyon North, past the giant archer golems. Eventually you'll reach the coast, with the Great-Jar NPC sitting in front of the Colosseum. Here you can play All modes, plus Ashes: meaning every one of the gameplay modes listed above can be played at Caelid, with one change - at Caelid, players can use Ashes for Elden Ring Summons, which can't be done at the other Colosseums.

Make sure that you're well equipped when you show up at the Colosseums - if you want some advice, why not try some of our Elden Ring PvP builds for some starting suggestions?

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