Elden Ring closed network test keys are reselling for more than the Premium Collector's Edition

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring closed network test keys are changing hands for north of $200.

As spotted by VGC, Elden Ring players are selling on their closed network test keys for the forthcoming test period, which begins this week on November 12. eBay users are reselling their test keys for hundreds of dollars, in some cases even more than the Premium Collector's Edition version of FromSoftware's new game.

This has all come about after applications for the closed network test closed earlier this month, and those who have gained entry were notified via email. Applying for the closed network test was never a guaranteed to get you access, however, which might be why some players who weren't lucky enough to get a spot in this weekend's access, are prepared to shell out hundreds of dollars for just a few hours with the game.

While some players are looking to turn a quick profit, the Elden Ring subreddit has put a ban on the reselling of keys over the forum. Yesterday, the post below surfaced from subreddit moderators, revealing that anyone who was caught attempting to resell closed network test keys through the forum would be hit with a temporary ban for an undisclosed amount of time.

There sure is a lot of anticipation for FromSoftware's new RPG, and it's really showing as the closed network test looms. The test itself will be sticking around for a total of three days until November 15, offering a limited portion of Elden Ring to delve into, but it'll only be available on certain times over all three days.

Head over to our Elden Ring network test dates guide for complete details on how and when you can begin playing FromSoftware's grand new game.

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