Edgar Allan Poes Tell Tale Heart images released

Three photographs from the big screen adaption of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart have been nabbed, giving us a little insight into the film's direction…

Edgar Allan Poe is known for his supremacy over the macabre Gothic literature genre. Poe’s stories have been adapted numerous amounts of times, yet audiences never seem to get enough!

The Tell Tale Heart is a typically chilling tale revolving around a murder.

Once the murderer conceals the body of the victim underneath his floorboards, he is driven insane by the sound of his still-beating heart and his own guilty conscience.

Director John La Tier has signed Patrick John Flueger ( Footloose ), Rose McGowan ( Scream ) and Peter Bogdanovich to the project.

La Tier had this to say: “We want this film to be something [Poe] would be proud of, and I believe this captivating script, combined with this cast and art direction, is going to be just that.”

John La Tier is apparently adding a tale of romance to run alongside the morbid plotline, this is where we imagine McGowan will come in handy.

Even though it will be nice to gaze lovingly at McGowan, we definitely don't want to see Tell Tale turn too soppy.

Filming is currently taking place in New Orleans, with other billed cast including; Jacob Vargas, Damon Whitaker and Kirk Fox.

Take a look at the newly released images below!