The easiest way to get credits in Tomb Raider might be watching someone else play

If you find yourself low on credits while playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, there's an interesting strategy for earning more: stop playing. No seriously - according to a press release, those who tune into someone else's game via the Twitch app on Xbox One will receive gifts whenever the person playing completes a side mission, challenge tomb, crypt, and "other specific achievements."

And if you don't want to watch for fear of spoilers, you could theoretically leave the app running while you do your errands. Earn credits while you drive to the bank, do your laundry, or clean up the bedroom! If only earning actual money was so easy.

Credits are used to purchase card packs, which allow players to enable various modifiers such as extra fire damage and big head mode in Expeditions, the game's new scoring mode suite. Unlike the competitive multiplayer from Tomb Raider 2013, Expeditions are asynchronous, as well as score and leaderboard-based, so you won't be playing against seven other Laras. Modes include Score Attack, Remnant Resistance, and Chapter Replay.

So what's in it for you, if you're on the other side of the fence? If you choose to stream on Twitch while playing Expeditions, you can periodically allow viewers to vote between two cards. The card with the most votes will get activated and last for five minutes, giving fans a chance to interact with your game in unpredictable ways. Don't worry - I'm sure no one will choose the card more likely to screw you over.

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Sam Prell

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