Don't panic guys: you can earn MGS 5's MB coins in-game

UPDATE: Konami has told us that MGS 5's FOB is "fully accessible at launch" and micro-transactions are an "accelerator" (opens in new tab).

One of the things that seems to have come out of all the MGS 5 reviews (opens in new tab) is that the Mother Base FOB sections (needed for one of the game's PvP modes) require an in-game currency called MB coins to buy.

With access to the game limited pre-release that's got a lot of people worrying about microtransactions and paywall content. Fortunately, long-running Konami producer Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi clarified quite some time ago that you can earn MB coins in the game. When asked (opens in new tab) by a fan "What about "MB Coins"? How will they work without having to pay for microtransactions? My excitement has gone down B/C of this", he replied with the following:

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So, nobody panic okay? Yes, there are microtransactions. No, they don't block content you can't get other ways it would seem. Dan Dawkins, who reviewed the game for GR, also tells me that the FOB base didn't even unlock until 25-30 hours in his playthrough.

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