This *might* be Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay

The trouble with April Fools is that it means you can't trust anything that happens. If this is actually early 2014 prototype gameplay from Mass Effect Andromeda, I would have waited a day to post it.

So, with a moon-sized grain of salt let's look at what NeoGAF claims is a 'late 2014 build' of the game (apparently it doesn't look like this now). Of course, this is assuming it's real at all - the post says it came from "a website of a certain developer who is currently working on Andromeda" but provides no source which immediately sets alarm bells ringing for me.

The video is supposedly being pulled which suggests a veil of legitimacy so here's one that's still up:

It looks like an internal milestone record, showing what's been created, or a showreel for the dev highlighting what they've done on the project. The key new features seem to be that jet pack, weird new poison pollen and the fact that Krogans are still around. I only mention that because recently leaked Mass Effect Andromeda plot details seem to involve a story that has mankind lost way from home. You can catch up on all that here:

The HUD in the video does seem to match up with what's been seen in previous teaser but that's not exactly hard to fake.

Here's a few more GIFs in case the video gets yanked. As I've made as clear as I possible can, you know April Fools, so take this at your own risk.

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