EA talks Spielberg's Wii project

Wednesday 9 May 2007
Electronic Arts has officially confirmed that one of the three titles it is developing with legendary director Steven Spielberg will be designed for Nintendo's Wii. Louis Castle - who, as stalwart gamers will remember, co-founded Westwood Studios back in the 80s - will produce the game.

"It's very different and very interesting and we're excited about that," reckons EA's Neil Young, who was recently interviewed by website GameDaily. During the interview Young hints that while two of Spielberg's games are currently in production, both are very different projects.

One game will be a typical Spielberg-style drama, Young says, in that "Steven's stories are often intimate stories set against an Earth or world changing event. And if you think about Steven Spielberg's movies, those big stories are sort of shown through the eyes of a small number of people that are intimately connected". But the Wii game "is really not in that vein".

Spielberg does Band of Brothers RTS, anyone? We can but hope.