EA Publisher Sale gives old games new life

Missed out on Dragon Age: Origins, DeathSpank, Shank, or Dead Space 2's creepy DLC? Worry not, for EA's Publisher Sale on Xbox Live is on for a few more days, and it's offering some pretty decent discounts on a numbers of older titles and add-ons.

Ending next Monday, January 9, the promotion's highlights include half-off DLC for the original Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, and Dead Space 2; as well as equal savings on full XBLA releases like DeathSpank, Shank, and Gatling Gears. Newer content includes expansion packs for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and NCAA Football 12. Check out the full list below:

Dragon Age: Origins: $14.99
Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt: 320 MSP
Dragon Age 2 – Legacy: 400 MSP
Mass Effect 2 – Arrival: 280 MSP
Battlefield: Bad Company 2: $14.99
Battlefield: Bad Company 2:Vietnam: 600 MSP
Burnout Crash: 400 MSP
Dead Space 2 – Severed: 280 MSP
DeathSpank: 600 MSP
Gatling Gears: 400 MSP
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: $22.49
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Armed and Dangerous: 280 MSP
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Lamborghini Untamed: 280 MSP
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Porsche Unleashed: 280 MSP
Shank: 600 MSP
Risk Factions: 400 MSP
Monopoly Streets: $22.49
Zuma: 200 MSP
Heavy Weapon : 400 MSP
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 - Birdie Pack: 600 MSP
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 - Eagle Pack: 1200 MSP
NCAA Football 12 - All Dynasty Time Savers – 600 MSP
NCAA Football 12 - Power Pack: 1000 MSP

Granted, it's not the biggest sale going, but it's a good way to catch up on some of EA's older fare. Further breakdowns of each offer are listed on the XBLA's website here and here.

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