EA promote Fight Night Round 2

Boxing is more than just the noble art of punching someone repeatedly in the face until they fall over. There's also biting, brain damage and selling branded electric grills to gutbuckets worldwide. But from Frank Bruno's Boxing onwards, no game ever managed to really make us feel like we were be part of that brutal world.

That is until the original Fight Night came along. Sure, it looked good, but what made it great was the Total Punch Control. Which instead of being the usual load of raging bull that most 'revolutionary control systems' are, actually worked. Using the twin analogue sticks for each fist made the fighting demand skill and speed, instead of just button mashing. So all you needed to throw a punch was an Ali like twitch, not a clumsy combo.

Which is exactly why Round 2 will stick to the same system, while also slapping more gore into the facial damage engine, adding cut men to your corner and making it possible to block and bob at the same time. An online option will also be added to the mix along with a Gamecube version, although how that will work with just one stick no one is saying so far.

One thing the developers are very keen to talk about are the new trademark haymakers. For these improved moves will allow you to power up punches so that you can turn a round on its head with just one perfectly timed hammer blow.

With a roster of 40 fighters across the weight classes (including Brit Ricky Hatton), more variety and choice in the training rounds and some proper commentary after all that hip-hop shouting, Round 2 will be ready to embark on the Rocky road to the championship early next year.

Fight Night Round 2 will be launched in the US for Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube in March and in Britain soon after