EA previews upcoming Star Wars games - including Battlefront 2, more Old Republic, and Visceral's adventure

There's a lot of Star Wars on the horizon for Electronic Arts. A Battlefront sequel is due next year, while Visceral Games (the studio behind Dead Space) and Respawn Entertainment (creators of Titanfall) are working on their own projects. The publisher showed off a behind-the-scenes montage with tons of new footage and sneak peeks during its EA Play press conference, and regardless of which era of Star Wars you like, you have reason to be excited.

The next Star Wars: Battlefront game from DICE will feature content from the new trilogy, as well as a PlayStation VR mission from Criterion, the studio behind the Burnout series.

Meanwhile, Visceral showed off in-game footage of their third-person Star Wars adventure, featuring a dark-haired man in a long coat walking out to an occupied Tatooine surface. Respawn's Star Wars game may be the most mysterious, but judging by mocap actors battling with sticks, it's a safe bet it'll revolve around Jedi and Sith.

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Sam Prell

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