EA: Mirror's Edge is 'an important franchise,' nothing to announce - is a sequel still possible?

Yesterday, we posted a story regarding a Swedish article which claimed that EA rejected a Mirror’s Edge 2 prototype pitched to it by DICE. The validity of each and every rumor surrounding the phantom sequel is questionable, but previous statements from EA Games boss Frank Gibeau have offered little hope for Faith and her incorrigible desire to leap between seashell-white skyscrapers.

However, a ‘representative for EA’ (read: PR) has issued a statement to 1up which calls Mirror’s Edge an "important franchise," notes that DICE is currently focused on Battlefield 3, and declares that the company has "nothing further to announce."

The ambiguous response specifically reveals nothing, but by not confirming that Mirror’s Edge 2 is off the table, EA is, at the least, stringing us along, and at the most, suggesting that the sequel holds enough potential to creep back into existence post Battlefield 3 (if we’re lucky).

According to VG Chartz, 2.05 million copies of Mirror’s Edge sold worldwide on both platforms. In comparison, Bad Company 2 was purchased about 2.1 million times worldwide on PS3 alone. It’s clear, then, why EA would make Battlefield 3 DICE's complete priority, but assuming it launches as a resounding success, it’s possible that a segment of DICE’s team will be freed up to pursue a more niche project (ideally not a new Medal of Honor, since I was apparently the only one who liked it).

With no definite confirmation or denial, all we can do for now is maintain blind hope for Mirror's Edge 2. Oh, and I'm also hoping to be appeased with a special Faith skin in Battlefield 3 multiplayer, which I requested from DICE yesterday. That would be neat. Hear that, DICE? Neat. That could be a bullet point on the box! Have your people call mine, we'll talk.

Feb 16, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer