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E3 Press Conference Mad Libs!

E3 is the coolest time to be a gamer. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all have their own press conferences where they reveal new games, consoles, and giant, brain-melting announcements. Though for as fun as it is, it's also fairly formulaic - every presenter, every year, falls back on the same few gags and quotes.

That's why we decided to turn their press conferences into Mad Libs! We've made one for each of the big three, giving you an opportunity to predict this year's E3 conferences at home. Just save the images below, print them out, hand them to some friends, and get libbing!


The first press conference of the show is going to be Microsoft's, which begins on Monday, June 4 at 9:30 AM. You can check out our Microsoft E3 2012 predictions here, or just jump right to the Mad Libs below.


Later that night, Sony will be hosting its E3 press conference at 5:30pm PT on Monday, June 4. You can check out our predictions for Sony's E3 2012 conference, or look below for the printable image.


Last but definitely not least is the Nintendo conference, which will begin the next morning, June 5, at 9AM PT. Check out our E3 2012 Nintendo predictions, and then get going on the Mad Libs below.