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E3: How we got here

The new style E3 Media & Business Summit kicks off in Santa Monica later this week and while we're looking forward to the prospect of spending four days talking up, slacking off, gawping at and - yes - even playing video games. As invited attendees, we're keeping our excitement in check and approaching the show with a degree of reservation.

Why? Well, no one - including the peeps dealing with the sprawling shebang's logistics - can really have any idea of what it's going to be like until the event actually gets going. And when you're walking into the unknown, it's only natural to tread with some trepidation.

But before we embark on our journalistic expedition to conquer the E3 Summit, we thought it'd be worth examining E3's past, the events that led to the show's “evolution,” what we're anticipating from this year's event and what the future might hold for the grand ol' circus of virtual entertainment.