E3 2011: Screens and details drop for PS Vita's 'Gravity'

Gravity (formerly known as Gravity Daze) may have only received a 7-second showing during Sony's PS Vita sizzle reel, but that was more than enough time to crank up the buzz surrounding the upcoming cel-shaded action game. Feeding this curiosity, Sony has released a handful of new screenshots and gameplay details which offer a smidge more insight into one of the PS Vita's more intriguing titles.

Created by Sony Japan's Team Siren, the group behind the horror-survival Siren series, Gravity will (as the 'working title' suggests) let players fool around with the laws gravity, shifting perspectives on the fly as they guide a heroine named Kat through various missions scattered across several worlds. According to theUS PlayStation website, the PS Vita's gyro sensor will be used to pull off the gravity manipulation, while the system's front and back panels will come in handy for reacting to environmental challenges and enemy combat.

Gravity's release date is currently TBD. So... Totally By December?

Clips of the game in action can be seen at the 52-second markin this video fromSony's E3 press conference, and you can also fawn over more screenshots below.

June 8, 2011

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