E3 2011: GamesRadar’s E3 photo diary

Above: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim demo was amazing.Head hereto catch up with lead producer Craig Lafferty to find out more about dragons and textures and other important stuff!

Above: GamesRadar didn’t show up at E3 empty handed. We had ribbons, and lots of them. Here’s a close-up of GR’s Most Valuable Game Award

Above: Outside the Mass Effect 3 demo room. Join ourdialogue tree discussionwith BioWare's David Silverman

Above: Guess we're not the only ones who liked Mass Effect 3

Above: An impressive sculpture for BioShock Infinite at 2K’s booth. Check out ourvideo interviewto find out more from Ken Levine himself

Above: Not everyone was happy at E3. Here’s the world’s saddest mariachi player blowing his horn before a Minecraft demo station

Above: Where the magic happens. Henry Gilbert (left) is making sure that videos are playing, articles are posting, and that our site doesn’t explode. Brett Elston (right) is wearing a Sonic hat. It helps him write better

Above: This is how we roll