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E3 2010: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II first look

You are, again, Starkiller (hey, didn't he die?), and Vader has betrayed you. Lucky for you, you're the badassiest Jedi this side of Kamino, or, er, anywherino, so you tear up Vader's puny-ass troopers and escape. But he's still after you - what's his plan, and who are you... just another clone?

Our gameplay demo began with a guided dive - Starkiller smashed through platforms, tossed aside Stormtroopers, and force 'sploded TIE fighters while free-falling. The Digital Molecular Matter and Euphoria engines are in play again, making every Stormtrooper's flailing arms and every shattered building look spectacular.

Once Starkiller was on the ground, we saw his new moves - Force Unleashed II is all about making him super badass. Firstly, he's got two lightsabers now. Since lightsabers are awesome, two lightsabers must be even more awesome, and that's the first step to being more badass. Secondly, he's got new powers, like the Mind Trick, which causes enemies to commit suicide, turn on each other, or just go so crazy they explode. That's also pretty badass. And thirdly, he's got Force Fury, which gives him absurd power for a short time. With it, Starkiller was able to lift and crush two AT-STs, then promptly decapitate ten Stormtroopers with barely a wave of his hand (did we mention that there's dismemberment now?). It is pretty badass.

But we're told that all this new badassery isn't about making the game easier, it's just about giving you the experience of having Starkiller's powers (being a badass) - more power also means more enemies to destroy.

The game is out October 26th in the US, and October 29th in Europe. We'll have more details as soon as possible!

Jun 16, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer