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E3 2010 photo diary

This week was the biggest, sparkliest week in the games industry - want to see what we saw? The thrills? The disappointments? The binge drinking? Then start scrolling! Our story begins with the team being shipped to L.A. in its Official GamesRadar Productivity Box...

Above: Thanks for taking this picture, random dude in a cherry picker!


Above: The show floor was still under construction, and we immediately got to work taking pictures of things we weren't supposed to.

Above: We also found out what Sony was going to change (everything).

Above: Even our hotel room keys had games on them... E3 was everywhere.

Above: That night, a fewGR staffersgot all lazy andrelaxed at a dumb Kinect event while the rest of the team stayed at the hotel to work. Editors Chris Antista and Mikel Reparaz are getting shit done!

Above: And here they are atthat Kinect event - look at how much fun they're having.

Above: Meanwhile, the rest of the team was still working (really hard).

Above: Executive Editor Brett Elston finally left the event and showed up, but we had a hard time spotting him.

Above: A post-drinking meal. Who knew that Denny's was so funny/cuddly? Brett Elstonand Tyler Nagata did.

Above: And then Brett's head exploded when he saw E3 on the door.


Above: The show floor still wasn't ready, butMicrosoftkicked off the press conferenceswith this.

Above: They also installed and hand painted this killtacular display in the convention center lobby.

Above: Chris Antista posed in our publisher's booth...

Above: And Brett Elston ran into our old friend and former GamesRadar, OXM, and Official WoWMagazine editorDan Amrich!

Above: Meanwhile, Features/Community Editor Tyler Wilde tried to crash the red carpet at Activision's party. They weren't having it.