E3 2010: A very brief Super Scribblenauts hands-on

We had a brief session with Super Scribblenauts today, but didn't see much more than what's described in the press release and shown inthe recent trailer. We played with the newly-included adjectives, and though they don't generally seem to affect physical, gameplay-changing properties, they're fun. Not all the adjectives we tried worked, but most of them had some effect. Our crazy elephant did jump around in a very crazy manner, and our gentlemanly microphone sported a monocle and top hat, as anything gentlemanly should.

The controls are updated, and we didn't have any problem using them, but the new levels are actually what will make Super Scribblenauts new and exciting, and are what have the mostpotential to correct some of the issues with the last game. Unfortunately, wedidn't have a chance to play far, so we don't have much to say in that regard.

We'll have a proper hands on as soon as we see more, andwe'll have a short developer interview up soon.

Jun 15, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer