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E3 09: Tell us what you want to see with Twitter

As you may have guessed,GamesRadar is at E3 (opens in new tab)in something of a 'force'. We also have knapsacks full of frequently malfunctioning equipment, with which we will endeavor to broadcast you images, words and videos of everything that's going on in the LA Convention Center.

However, in the spirit of community we've decided to let you set some of our E3 agenda using Twitter. All you need to do is follow@GamesRadar (opens in new tab)andtell uswhat you want to see. (If you're new toTwitter (opens in new tab), just type @GamesRadarat the beginning of apost and we'll see it!)

Do you want a picture of the Sega booth? We'll take one. What about some booth babes? Can do. Video of the RockBand party? Just ask. See some coverage of a game on another site and want more detail? Tell us what you want asked and we'll ask for you and tweet the reply.

Clearly we won't be able to serve everyone's request - but we'll do our best. And don't complain if we don't get 'round to you - this service is free, after all.

The "make GamesRadar your E3 bitches" service begins tomorrow (Tuesday) and if we're following you already feel free to DM us requests too.

Follow us now! @gamesradar (opens in new tab)