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E3 08: Sexy charts and graphs with all the game data

Easy. We convert all the game data into sexy pie charts and give you the whole show in graphic form. Go on, try a slice.

We've had enough of 'casual games' to tell you the truth. But what's the danger of being swallowed by them? As you can see here, they made up just over a quarter of the offerings at E3. That's too much. Still, at least they're still the minority.

This is clearly the most important graph of all. There were two whole games about cheerleaders from what we could tell.Why aren't there more? DOA Xtreme Cheerleading, for instance? Now that would sell.

There were lots of war games at the event, but where are they set? Note the low showing of WWII games. At last, they're getting the message! It's now all about the phasers and the orcs. Could it be that there's more scope for imagination in imaginary wars? Who'd have thought it?!

Gamez with krazy namez are still as annoying as ever. Still, at least they're firmly in the minority at this year's E3.

So what games are being made for us? The good old action/adventure title is doing well, so that should keep a lot of hardcore gamers happy. Also a good showing for RPGs, although it should be noted that some of these did seem quite dumbed-down. A bad showing for MMOs, which is surprising given the surge in online play over recent years. Maybe everyone's playing online but just on CoD4? Strategy games also had a strong showing, but driving and fighting games look to be in decline. Hmmm...

E3's games were set throughout history and straddling the fiction/non-fiction divide. But there's just too much scope for imagination in fantasy worlds, so the real world is forced to take a back seat.

Seven per cent of all the games at E3 were based around taking care of a pet hamster/baby/cat/dog/Stalinist. Obviously they're in the minority, but seven per cent? That's quite a big slice of gaming pie. Watch your teeth on the collars.

There's near parity between the number of sequels/ports and actual new games at this year's show. That's rubbish enough, but the scariest thing is the mismatch between bars on the first-party section (centre). That's right, there are more sequels than new games from the big three combined. It's good to get more of what we want, but originality is king, no?

One for the fanboys - Xbox 360 has 22 full-priced games that won't appear on PS3. PS3 has just over half that number of exclusives on its own. It should be noted that some 360 games will also appear on PC and also on PS2. But in terms of ammunition for your playground/internet debate, those are your figures.

And finally, we come to the most telling chart. The GamesRadar editors left in the UK office had a quick look through the full list of games and we noted down whether a title excited us or not. Here's the result:

A selection of first-party titles got us most excited, along with Resi 5 and Street Fighter IV. Notably, Gran Turismo Prologue's extended development got no votes. That's right, no interest at all. GT5 would, of course, but it wasn't at E3.And when almost a third of the 200+ games at E3 don't interest a group of game lovers whatsoever, there's got to be something wrong. Roll on Leipzig, where surely things will be better...

Justin worked on the GamesRadar+ staff for 10 whole years. Imagine that. Now he is a contributor, specialising in racing games, retro, and Sanic.