E3 07: Euro PS3 announcements

Friday 13 July 2007
Widely speculated over the past few weeks, Sony Europe has finally confirmed some faintly disappointing, yet predictable news: there will be no reduced price for the PS3 in the UK for the forseeable future, despite a $100 cut in the US.

Instead,Sony Europe will launch a new bundle for the existing price of £429, which includes an additional SIXAXIS controller and two first party games, which in the UK will be Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man.

As of today, retailers will offer a 'soft bundle ', meaning you'll just get a bagful of thekit instead of a nice new box. The official boxed bundle will go on sale as soon as Sony can get them into the shops.

Explaining the decision, SCEE PresidentDavid Reeves said, "Added value works in the PAL territories." Which is a bit hard to stomach when you consider that most retailers are already selling the console well below the RRP at £399. In fact, we'd hazard a guess (and promise to find out) that most shops would have done you a similar bundle for about the same price prior to this offcial one.

In further, rather vague PS3 news, David Reeves has promised a 'big PS3 announcement' for Leipzig and confirmed that all of Sony's first party tiltles will be showcased in new demos at the major Euro show.