E3 07: Debut shots of STALKER Clear Sky

STALKER: Clear Sky is the prequel to developer GSC Game World's troubled but ultimately worthy FPS adventure, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. It'sexpected to arrive on the PC in the firstquarter of 2008.

And with the first game spending some five and a half years in development limbo, you'd be forgiven for thinking such a release date to be a world-warping anomaly. Good thing we've got new screens, then, eh? Click the Images tab above, and at least you can see how far along it's already come.

Three of theimages are environmental mood-setters to give you a taste of Clear Sky's locales, which will involve revisiting the radiation-ridden Ukranian climes of the first game. This time, however, things are nastier, and the environment will be much more aggressive, in aworld that GSC describes as "50 percent new territory and 50 percent twisted renditions of what you've played before."

Above: Is that... is that Master Chief on the right? Now there's one mutation we'd never argue with

July 12, 2007