E3 07: Chilly new Crysis shots

It's been quiet on the Crysis front for too long, but EA has finally broken the silence withthree new screens of its tech-powerhouse FPS, which can be foundhere.

Two of the screens depict action from the game's second act, which takes place afterthe militaristic shootouts between the US and North Korean armies in a cheerful tropical environmenttake a frosty turn.

With the locality plunged into a sudden ice age by alien invaders, these thermo-meddling ALFs join in the fight, and the Earth's own forces unite to battle them. You won't be see the aliens themselves, however, only the machines and crafts they attack with.

Above: There's not much going on, but there's plenty to look at. If you see what we mean

The explicit reveal of the bad guys is kept for the game's third and final act, set within the alien mothership itself, which is likely where the shot above is taken from. The more we see of Crysis, the more impressed we are; so, feel free to douse us with plenty more images in the near future, eh EA?

July 11, 2007