E3 06: WoW: The Burning Crusade

In thefirst partof our Burning Crusade blow-out, we covered the history of the Draenei... in this installment, we tackle the world beyond the Dark Portal known as Outland.

Crossing through the Dark Portal, which you can already see in the Blasted Lands zone, you're instantly greeted by the sight of shattered desolation. Similar to the orange-hued, sandy wastes of the Blasted Lands, the area just beyond the Dark Portal serves as your introduction to Outland, an entirely new world linked to Azeroth via the dimensional gateway.

Named Hellfire Peninsula, the huge zone that greets you once crossing over from the Blasted Lands is the last stop on The Path of Glory - the road the Orcs marched down on their way to invade Azeroth. The Path of Glory is paved with the bones of the Draenei and is a profoundly horrific sight... stretching for miles into Hellfire Peninsula, it's no wonder the Draenei harbor such a deep-seated hatred for their one-time allies.