E3 06: Enchanted Arms

Broadly, there are two kinds of RPGs out there - the ones like Oblivion that offer the player a wealth of freedom, and the Final Fantasy school that concentrate on tight storytelling and addictive battling. Enchanted Arms, coming from Japan, definitely aims toward Final Fantasy's style. The game stars university student Atsuma - whose glossy hair and vacant smirk mark him as true hero material. Actually, it's the fact that he has the power to control golems - mystical entities designed to fight humanity's battles. Not coincidentally, this is the focus of the gameplay. Funny how those things work out, right?

So about a thousand years before our story picks up, humanity created golems to wage its wars. Wouldn't you know it, though - people lost control of the damn things. With no way to rein in these massive, powerful entities, mankind buries them in the earth. But some fool on a massive power trip comes along a thousand years later and starts digging them up. Of course, that's exactly where Atsuma comes in. With his power to control the golems and a pack of friends at his back, he'll take on the forces of egomaniacal, and doubtlessly somewhat camp, evil... with his own army of the creatures.