E3 06: ATV Offroad Fury 4

After stumbling around for awhile trying to find its unique identity, the ATV Offroad Fury series is looking to try something truly unique in this fourth iteration. Along with ATVs, players will now have access to dirt bikes, dune buggies and trophy trucks (okay, maybe they cribbed that from THQ's MX vs ATV series. The point is, it's a cool addition). More importantly, the tracks themselves have been designed around the different handling aspects of each vehicle style.

During an event, you’ll eventually see the circuit you’re running split into a few different branches, marked by various colors. Each of these branches will be well-suited to specific vehicles. For example, some areas will be wide and flat, to let the larger vehicles take advantage of their brute horsepower. While other, short branches will be much more technical and narrow, forcing players to utilize the lighter, more nimble racing machines. It’s a nice dash of strategy into an otherwise straightforward racing game.