Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2

Seems like it was onlylast weekthat Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 was announced...oh wait, it was. Regardless, we've already taken a crack at the very newest in the unrelenting, unchanging franchise and feel compelled to say it's exactly what you'd expect.

How much do you like the square button? Hopefully, it's a lot, like roughly equivalent to how much you enjoy inhaling fresh air. Vol. 2 doesn't deviate from any of the other Warriors titles, meaning you'll be pounding on that button over and over again, smashing waves of inept soldiers into the sky until the area's cleared. Then, it's off to the next area of the battle map, where you'll kill a few hundred more guys, then shove off to the next spot, where a general or two might be waiting. Kill them, and uh, move on to kill some more.

We're more impressed by the over-the-top guitar riffs that rip out of the PSP speakers. The music sounds straight out of a Midwestern air show, complete with wailing solos and crunching backup tunes. Nothing wrong with this, but damn does it feel weird to battle in ancient China with "Rock You Like a Hurricane" mere notes away in our head.

Brett Elston

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