Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2

Even though you're just hitting square to continue hitting square, there are strategy elements to consider. Each piece of the map can be raided while you're off in another area, so you need to beat back any advancing armies before you make a major push into hostile territory. A time limit forces you to stay alert, but with 30 minutes to spare, running out of juice doesn't seem likely, at least not until some later missions.

You can take your own list of officers into each skirmish, each with his own abilities and special tricks. Some can heal you (an absolute must), while others can just pour on the pain. Honestly though, from the time we spent with Vol. 2, these guys were rarely any help. Just do it all by yourself and there's a better chance of victory.

Longtime fans will be happy to hear there's a new four-player mode on this PSP sequel, but only longtime fans will be glad to know that. There's some mindless fun to be had, sure, yet we can't help but wonder how many more times this game can be reissued. Still interested? Look for Vol. 2 to land in October, when you can attempt to overthrow China once again.

Brett Elston

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