DVDstruction: Gratuitous Gore

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn - Blu-ray

The flick
If you’ve been to college, then you’ve seen Bruce Campbell’s hilariously cheesy Evil Dead trilogy. Directed by Sam Raimi, (Spider-Man trilogy, Dark Man) part 2 cheerfully mixes low-budget zombie gore with the slapstick of The Three Stooges - giving us famous indie-hip lines like “Groovy” and “Tool Shed.” You’ll see an eyeball squirt into a mouth, decapitated ex-girlfriends and delicious amounts of hemoglobin flooding from the wall. Chances are that if you’re a guy, you probably already love this.

The disc
This movie will never look that great ‘cause it was made on the cheap. That said this is still the best looking version yet with impressive color balancing especially in the blacks and reds. There are two 5.1 audio tracks, and while the dialogue may still be hard to hear, the sound effects erupt and splat with glee. All previously made extras appear here as well.