DVDstruction: Gratuitous Gore

The Fly - Blu-ray

The flick
Part body horror, part sci-fi, and part AIDS-epidemic allegory, The Fly depicts Jeff Goldblum at his most normal - an egotistical scientist who slowly morphs into a bulbous manfly after a slight mishap with his teleporter. If you have a strong stomach, we suggest you sample scenes including an inside-out baboon, random body parts falling off and GoldFly’s corrosive vomit melting away a guy’s hand. Fly earned an Academy Award for makeup effects and Time magazine called it one of the 100 greatest movies. Seriously though, it’s really gross.

The disc
This is the best The Fly has ever looked - the transfer is near film quality with zero color bleeding and greater depth. The audio on the other hand is merely okay, with DTS 5.1, but no lossless audio. However, you get more special features to date on this disc, more so than the 2-disc standard-def release including a full-length documentary and the infamous scene where Goldblum merges a cat with a monkey. Ick.