DVDstruction: Gratuitous Gore

Like rubbernecking at a horrible car accident, we can’t help but be fascinated by movie gore - you know, like watching exploding heads in slow motion. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you’re curious by horrible atrocities on the human body. At GamesRadar, we think everyone should be aware of their own mortality. Also, it’s completely hilarious to see a dummy head filled with goo rigged to disintegrate.

Screw your modern day digital blood that flows like goblets of Kool-Aid spunk (looking at you, 300) - the charm comes from watching actual bodies squirt crimson. Imagine our surprise when we found our favorites had been given the fancy pants HD-treatment. Here we share with you the best in blood.

Total Recall - Blu-ray

The flick
As one of the million or so films based off a Philip K. Dick story, director Paul Verhoeven manages to balance serious discussions of reality and fantasy while giving the Governator a shit-ton of guns to play with. Featuring an impressive 77 on-screen deaths including an innocent bystander used as an Arnold shield, a headshot to a greasy toddler sticking out of a dude’s chest, and one giant drill to the torso, Recall isn’t afraid to spill the sticky.

The disc
Even as an early HD transfer, Recall impresses with bright hues and solid contrast. The later scenes on Mars look a little soft, but we can forgive the overall impressive picture. For audiophiles, you get lead-pumping Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound audio tracks - perfect for Arnold’s cornball one-liners (Get your ass to Mars). Extras are a shame as this disc’s pretty barebones, even when the last standard def edition was packed to the brim.