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Duncan Jones talks Judge Dredd

Source Code director Duncan Jones has spoken exclusively to Total Film about his passion for Judge Dredd .

The 2000 AD comic character is currently receiving the reboot treatment in Dredd , which has Pete Travis ( Vantage Point ) at the helm and Karl Urban under the iconic helmet.

"That's the one I keep thinking about," Jones told us. "I had such a strong idea of what I would do with it, and although I really understood what they wanted, it's so different from what I had in mind."

When asked what made him opt for Source Code , Jones responded: "Jake Gyllenhaal."

"He was actually the one who brought it to me. He was already attached and I'm a huge fan of his."

Jones also managed to put his own stamp on the project, even though he didn't write the script: "Originally it took itself quite seriously, like a sci-fi 24 .

"I said, 'I think there's potential to bring more out of this if we inject a little humour.' When we finished we had a really lovely tone - serious where it needs to be, with an emotional punch. But there was also a lightness."

Source Code
opens on 1 April 2011.

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