Dual-release on XBLA this week

Just when we were getting used to having a new release every week, Microsoft has gone and prepped two titles for release on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures and Gyruss are the two downloadable games arriving this week, for 800 and 400 Microsoft points respectively.

Of course it's no surprise that Microsoft is attempting to get more games onto the download service; casual games boss Bryan Trussel toldus last month that the company was trying to "trying to bump up the pipeline quite a bit."

In case you're none the wiser, 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures is based on the only from of golf we're any good at, with themes based on Carnival, Wild West and Outer Space. There's also a customizable course editor so it should be good fun.

Gyruss meanwhile is yet another Konami shoot-em-up that's "a bit like Space Invaders" and "a bit like Galaga." At least you've got an original title as well this week if Retro isn't quite your thing.

Both games get the updated treatment with achievements and enhanced graphics.

April 16, 2007