Driver Parallel Lines question session

It's great to see a bigger emphasis on driving action- with GTA on the bigger consoles being beyond competition when it comes to out-of-vehicle stuff, was it a conscious decision to really show what makes Driver such an excellent series?
Driver has always really been about driving and car chases. We simply decided to refocus the game much more heavily on driving as it is our strength and really does define what Driver is about.

You can get out of the car in Parallel Lines and this is significantly upgraded from Driver 3. But the reason for having out-of-car action is more to just change vehicles than anything else. We have a few on-foot shooting sections, but not a lot.

We all love the original Driver, which had a strong personality thanks to the snappy and fun handling and fast-paced missions. How will Parallel Lines attempt to reinvent that winning formula?
We have massively upgraded all aspects of the gameplay, so we are able to deliver a lot more variety in terms of driving missions due to improvements in AI, for example.

The city streaming system has been significantly upgraded as well, allowing us to get the cars up to muchfaster speeds. With the addition of modifiable cars, more ways of playing the missions are available to the player.

As for licensed music, do you currently have a list of the tracks that will make it into the final version? Plus, are there any choices for importing your own soundtrack?
We will release details on this at a later date as it's all still under negotiation.

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