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Driver Parallel Lines question session

We recently had the chance to sit down with Reflections, the creators of Driver, and satisfy our curiosity about their next game in the car-action series, Driver Parallel Lines.

If you don't already know, undercover cop Tanner- the star of all three previous games- has been dropped, and in his place is TK, a man very much on the opposite side of the law.

After the disappointment of Driver 3 we wanted to know what Reflections thought was going to make Driver Parallel Lines a return to form for the once-great series.

Why did Reflections feel that returning to Driver was the way forward for them?
Firstly, Driver is still a very strong brand and has a very big fan base. Secondly, it has been a very successful franchise for us and we feel a lot of ownership of the brand.

Besides the obvious double-yellow lines reference, what's with the Parallel Lines title? Does it suggest that there will be more than one playable character in the game?
It's just a name really. We didn't want to call it Driver 4 or DrIVer...