Dreams PS4: Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games devs give tips for inspiration

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A number of Sony-owned game studios released a video with tips for finding inspiration in Dreams PS4. The thoughtful compilation video features developers from studios including Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Sony Santa Monica, Pixelopus, and Media Molecule. 

Dreams is a great tool for aspiring game designers, and you can make just about anything once you're proficient enough with the software. Just some examples of the creative freedom Dreams allows for: a Seinfeld horror game, the infamous "oh, hi Mark" scene from The Room, the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, and an immaculately-detailed walk through the forest.

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Of course, would-be Dreams creators should prepare for the commitment it'll take to learn the tools and build a game. That said, according to some of the most prominent game developers in the field, getting started can often be the biggest hurdle.

Naughty Dog concept artist Ashley Swidowski advised those intimidated by the process of making an entire game not to delay. "Starting something is always the hardest because there's always the fear of 'what if it can be something better if I wait, or maybe I'm not at the right skill level to do it right now?' Don't wait."

"If you're just starting out in Dreams, probably the first thing you'd want to do is just go and play. Get some inspiration, see what kinds of things other people are making," said Media Molecule creative director Mark Healey.

The video offers some seriously motivating perspectives, with devs sharing their own experiences with the relatable "blank page syndrome." Give it a watch if you're thinking of giving Dreams a go, or perhaps are at a roadblock in your Dreams creation.

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