Dragon's Prophet free-to-play MMO coming from SOE

Sony Online Entertainment is bringing a new free-to-play MMO to North America, as well as player-housing-centric content to DC Universe Online. The MMO publisher publicly announced today the incoming Dragon's Prophet and Home Turf pack for DCUO.

SOE president John Smedley seems very excited about the dragons. "With thousands of years of story and more dragons in the game than any other MMO, we’re excited to unleash this IP so people can play and interact with dragons like never before,” Smedley said in a press release.

You hear that? More dragons than any other MMO!

The game, developed by Taiwanese studio Runewaker Entertainment, lets players train, ride, and take into combat an assortment of unique fire breathers. It also features an action-based combat system complete with combos for folks who prefer to fight their own battles. Guilds can enact large-scale construction for bases in the game's frontiers, and players can build and customize housing.

The beta for Dragon's Prophet will begin in a few months, and SOE is accepting sign-ups on its website.

Prong number two of the SOE player housing offensive, DCUO's Home Turf will let heroes and villains on PC and PlayStation 3 customize their own hideouts/lairs/fortresses of solitude. The homes serve as hubs for player needs as well as potential one-on-one PvP arenas.

Home Turf also injects four new mission-filled locations into the game, including Stryker's Island and Arkham Asylum. The DLC will be available free for Legendary members and as a paid download for everyone else in early 2013.

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