Dragon Ball FighterZ reveals lovely new try-before-you-buy DLC structure

Dragon Ball FighterZ is introducing SSGSS Gogeta to its roster, and the character trailer revealed a welcome new DLC concept that lets you try paid DLC characters before you pull the trigger. The Dragon Ball FighterZ Free Trial Campaign will make previously available paid DLC characters free to play for a limited time, giving you time to make an informed decision about whether they're worth your hard-earned money. Like most Dragon Ball FighterZ players, I'm 100% here for it.

According to SSGSS Gogeta's reveal trailer, here's how it works. Free trial campaigns will run for set periods of time and introduce new paid DLC characters you can try for free. It isn't made explicitly clear, but it's safe to assume you won't get to keep the characters once the trial expires. The first campaign will begin October 12 and make the base Goku and Vegeta models free for a limited time. The second trial starts November 2 and lets you play as Fused Zamasu and cooler free of charge, again for a limited time. The trailer confirms that more free trial campaigns will follow.

This is a shamefully rare concept in modern DLC models. Most games allow for clever workarounds that let you experience a DLC pack before you drop your dollars - namely through refunds - but for a studio to willingly introduce a system that gives players a firsthand look at what they're potentially buying isn't especially popular with video game publishers, and it absolutely should be.

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Jordan Gerblick

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