Dragon Age: Inquisition's free for a week with Xbox One and Live Gold

Still haven't played Dragon Age: Inquisition, GR+'s runner-up for Game of the Year 2014? What, do you value your spare time or something? Well, if you own an Xbox One and are an Xbox Live Gold member, you may value this even more: Inquisition is 'unlocked' for the next seven days, from March 10 to March 16.

Microsoft announced the offer via its Twitter and YouTube accounts. It looks like it's only available on Xbox One in North America, but I asked the company to make sure that's the case. I'll update this story with any response.

Also note that the offer says you can "try" Dragon Age: Inquisition for free. Doesn't seem like it's limited to a trial version or anything like that, so that's probably more of an assumption based on the fact that DA:I's a really frickin' big game and many players don't even leave the Hinterlands, let alone get to the end, in seven days.

If you want to read that as a challenge, call in sick, cancel all your appointments, and do nothing but power through BioWare's modern classic for the next week, that's on you. Please remember to at least get up and stretch every hour. Also eat, drink, and breathe.

Connor Sheridan

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