Dragon Age fans feel like Dreadwolf is only getting further away

Dragon Age 4
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With news that Dragon Age 4 won't release before Spring 2024, the Dragon Age fanbase isn't having a great time.

Yesterday saw the release of EA's investor roundup, during which the publisher looked ahead to the games on its 2023 fiscal year slate. Dragon Age Dreadwolf was absent from the list, meaning it won't release before Spring 2024, when EA's next fiscal year kicks off, so Dreadwolf is at least a year out from launch.

As you might imagine, the Dragon Age fanbase is pretty bummed out about the news. The Reddit post below broke the news to the wider community, lamenting the new release window as "really disappointing" after such a long wait between Dragon Age Inquisition and Dreadwolf.

Soft confirmation of no Dreadwolf before Summer 2024 [no spoilers] from r/dragonage

"It kills me that since it would likely be a fall release that we are going to have a 10 year gap between games," adds a similarly-disappointed fan. "I have been waiting so long, and their on-again, off-again silence is really sucky. Someone please give me a bright side," chimed in another.

There's also a lot of fear for BioWare's future among the Reddit comments. Dragon Age Dreadwolf has been in development for at least half a decade at this point, and with past reports of multiple reboots, and Anthem's failure, many are worried a bad launch for Dreadwolf could spell disaster for BioWare at large.

A decade is a long time by anyone's calculations, and the Dragon Age fanbase is really feeling the gap between Inquisition and Dreadwolf. BioWare might've launched Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem in between the two Dragon Age games, but that isn't about to hold over any fans of the RPG series.

Dragon Age 4 news has been incredibly scarce in 2023. In fact, the only time we've seen the sequel was in an extensive leaked gameplay video from February, which divided fans due to its overhauled combat and AI companions resembling God of War's combat. BioWare has been mum on Dreadwolf since the huge leak.

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