Download of the Week: Sonic creator Yuji Naka's new game - FlickPig

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Game: FlickPig | Platform: iOS | Publisher: Prope | Developer: Prope | Price: £0.69/$0.99

Sonic man Yuji Naka's game studio Prope has been releasing some decent stuff on iPhone, but this is one of its best yet. FlickPig sees you controlling three little piggy banks running along straight tracks, trying to get back their stolen money. Flick the pigs between lanes to avoid obstacles and collect pick-ups. It sounds easy but definitely isn't, and it's cuter than any button we've ever seen.

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Outland and Beyond Good & Evil HD both going for 400MS points each? Yes, please! Outland is great and BGAE is an all-time classic, so this is a no-brainer. Go, go, go!

Killing Floor | Steam | TripWire Inetractive | £3.74/Free trial

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