Download of the Week: 3D Classics Kid Icarus... if you can get it

Platform: 3DS | Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Nintendo | Price: Free (limited time)

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3DS' supposed killer app Kid Icarus: Uprising may have gone suspiciously quiet of late, but Nintendo's still keen for you to get back into its retro IP anyway. Best news? This NES classic is currently free in the guise of a 3D remake - but only if you register two selected 3DS games between November 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012 on Club Nintendo. Don't worry, it'll be coming to the eShop to buy outright very soon, but if you got a couple of 3DS games over Christmas, now's your chance to get something free out of 'em. Find out more here.

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EA XBLA sale | EA | £Varies

There's an EA mega sale on Xbox Live right now, which ends on Monday the 9th of January. With up to 50% off games and DLC including Zuma, Dragon Age 2 and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, it's well worth a look. Full list here.

Temple Run | iOS | Imanji Studios | £Free (with optional microtransactions)

This isn't a new game, but it's one we simply couldn't stop playing over New Year. Totally free, totally awesome and with very few faults, we haven't even felt the need to buy any in-game coins yet. Which is a shame as the developer certainly deserves financial reward for this superb effort.

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Justin Towell

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