Download of the Week: Deadly Premonition hits Xbox Live Games on Demand

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Deadly Premonition is now available as a digital download from Xbox Live. Now you have absolutely no excuse for not owning this must-play game. Need convincing still further? Check out Dave's ultra-enthusiastic outpouringshere- if that doesn't convince you to try the game, nothing will. Assuming you've done that, let's see what else is around of note from alternative downloadable interweb services...

Want more DLC? Check these out...

Deathsmiles | Platform: iOS | Publisher: Cave | Developer:Cave |Price: £2.99
iOS has a couple of strong new entries this week.The first is Justin's pick, Deathsmiles, from Cave. A port of the rather overlooked Xbox 360 game, this version features a new character and story, as well as the usual bullet hell action. Great stuff, but only available for the more powerful iPhone and iTouch models, beginning with 3GS.

Tiny Tower | Platform: iOS | Developer: Ian Marsh | Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Nathan's been playing this one, recommending it wholeheartedly. It's a business simulation set in your very own 'tiny tower'. Make money, build new floors... even upgrade your elevator. Way better than it sounds, honest.

Sega Rally Online Arcade | Platform:PlayStation 3| Publisher: Sega | Developer: Sega | Price: £6.30
While this isn't quite the brilliant game we featured in this week'sClassic Game Appreciation Section(though it does have a recreation of the Desert track), Sega Rally Online Arcade is still a neat little racer, complete with online play and scoreboards. The content is reduced compared to the existing current gen Sega Rally, but for this price, you can't really go wrong.

That's about it. Oh, but there is one special download of note that we have to bring to your attention and that is this:

Red Faction Armageddon | Platform:PlayStation 3| Publisher: THQ | Developer: Volition | Price: £57.99
FIFTYSEVENNINETYNINEOHMYGODWHATARIPOFF. That'swhat we said, with just as much disregard for punctuation,when we heard about the downloadable version of this game. Not only does the package cost a crazy amount of money, not only do you not get a box or instruction manual with it (or any hope of selling it on when you've finished), the exact same game with all the available DLC is available from your high street GAME outlet for £23. This is madness and must be stopped. Write to your MP post-haste.

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08 July, 2011